Womens Entrepreneurship Weekly, a new radio programme for Qatar

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It surprises many people to discover that there are significant numbers of women entrepreneurs and business owners in the Middle East.   The fact is that there are many enterprising women all over the region who are actively involved in entrepreneurship.  Some are solopreneurs, taking something which maybe started as a hobby to the next level, others are actively involved in the tech sector and serial entrepreneurs in the retail sector.  There is lot to celebrate and many role models to emulate.
Over the last few months I have been working on a project with Qatar Foundation Radio, co-hosting a series of programmes which spotlight issues and topics aimed at women entrepreneurs.  Of course these topics are equally valid for male entrepreneurs, but the programme is aiming to profile women entrepreneurs in Qatar and the region.  We have had a varied list of guests to date, some from Silicon Valley including Ari Eisenstat  the 27-year old CEO and Founder of DRÆM VENTURES, an idea-stage impact venture fund with the mission of funding the next generation of socially, environmentally, and technologically conscious entrepreneurs.  As an entrepreneur himself, Ari talks passionately about the opportunities for startups and shares some of the pitfalls to steer clear off.  We’ve featured tech entrepreneurs, educational sector entrepreneurs, and inspiring women from Qatar such as Aysha Al Mudahka, CEO of QBIC, and recently we interviewed Noura Alamri, who with a full time job and 8 children, has successfully launched a tourism business focusing on giving local women and children guided tours and overseas holidays.
She has a passion for traveling and tourism and intends to change the Arab Women’s perspective on tourism.
Noura began organizing the trips in 2006 with the Ministry of Arts and Culture, the British Institute and the US Embassy. In 2014, she opened Tartebkum and has organised trips to Europe, Japan, Malaysia, America and Australia.  Noura is just one example of many 
 successful Qatari women entrepreneurs that will be profiled as the series progresses.
Soon episodes will be found on Sound Cloud on the QF Radio account, links to follow.

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