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Why UAE for business?

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More and more business owners are looking at the UAE.

A few weeks ago I paid a return visit to Dubai, attending the ‘Expand North Star’ event and GITEX.  The region is buzzing with energy and ambition.  I was impressed by the number of organisations and programmes all aimed at accelerating Dubai’s ambition to become the leading global hub for business, trade and investment.
I first visited the region in 2007 when I was leading a project for a UK consultancy which focused on leadership development.  I soon moved there in order to lead business development for that consultancy.  It was and exciting time and  I found the vision and appetite for making positive change stimulating and hopeful.
When I moved back to the UK 8 years later, I found I missed that energy and sense of possibilities, but have kept contacts going and delivered projects for clients in the UAE from the UK.
Why the interest in the UAE?

In the last couple of years, I have been aware of a growing interest in UK businesses and business owners in opening offices in the UAE.

Expanding into the UAE can be a smart strategic move for businesses looking to access the vast and diverse markets of Asia. With its strategic location, economic stability, business-friendly environment, and excellent infrastructure, the UAE provides an ideal platform to launch your expansion efforts. By setting up in the UAE, your business can take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the rapidly growing Asian markets while enjoying the benefits of a stable and supportive business environment.
As a business owner, or high net-worth individual, there are considerable tax advantages of registering a company in the region.
How to open your business in Dubai
When expanding into new markets you need to know that you have sound advice from people who know you and your business in the UK and local connections and networks in the country of choice.
❓ Have you considered the tax advantages of opening an office in the UAE?
❓ Do you need help with funding or clients in the UAE?
❓ Do you have skill gaps in your management team?
❓ Do you need a sounding board from a ‘modern elder’?
If these are questions which interest you, please get in touch for a chat.🌟✈️🌍❓


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