A Purpose Centered Consultancy

Thank you for visiting my webpage.

If you have found your way here, the chances are that I have met you at some event, engaged with you on Twitter, or other social media, or you have been passed my details by a member of my network. Whatever the pathway, it was built on personal connections.

Making connections and building community have always been important to me, and I have had the privilege of connecting with some amazing people and organisations in the past 30 years or so of my career. In welcoming you to this website, I am also welcoming you to my network.

elaine-gold-global-business-consultant-at desk writing

I am now working with individuals and organisations to share my experience and help develop new ways of working demanded in an environment of change.

I have been working for over 15 years with new business start-ups and  the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, across over 180 countries.  At the heart of this work is the desire to connect,  support the individual and develop new networks and community.  

In these few pages you will find out a little more about me and my areas of focus. If you want to connect further, please email me on: elaine@elaine-gold.com

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