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The Power of Women Only Networks – Finding Success for Female Founders

I recently posted elsewhere a few thoughts and research about the power and effectiveness of women-only networks, supporting female founders.   After posting I was surprised to receive the following long testimonial from one of the regular attendees – I don’t usually self-promote in this way, but Stacy’s account of the value she found from our group might encourage others to join a women’s group (doesn’t have to be one of mine 😎).

“Last week we finished a series of complimentary webinars tailored for #femalefounders and the wisdom shared proved to be truly transformative.
I loved being part of this dynamic community, and I will miss my Wednesday mornings.
Elaine transcends the role of mere organiser; she is a genuine visionary and an unwavering champion for women in business. Her passion shines through, palpable in every interaction and her commitment is unwavering. Here are the key insights I took away under her mentorship:
✅ Curated Conversations: Elaine possesses a remarkable knack for curating discussions that truly resonate. Each session felt like a compass, directing us towards invaluable insights.
Meaningful Connections: In a world filled with noise, Elaine cultivates connections that truly matter. She brings together like-minded women, fostering a network that knows no bounds.
Empathy and Expertise: As a co-founder navigating the intricate pathways of entrepreneurship, Elaine’s guidance has been my guiding star. Her empathy is matched only by her extensive expertise.
Comprehensive Success: Elaine’s focus extends beyond traditional business metrics; she advocates for a holistic approach to success. Confidence building, expanding networks and personal growth, all are integral parts of her philosophy.
✅ Paying It Forward: Elaine advocates for paying it forward. She celebrates victories, both big and small and actively shapes the future of female leadership.
Under Elaine’s mentorship, I have had the privilege of meeting remarkable women, fellow participants in the forum, who have added value to my journey. Together, we are reshaping the narrative of female entrepreneurship. Elaine is not just an organiser; she serves as a catalyst for profound transformation.
I extend my heartfelt thanks to Elaine for illuminating my path on this entrepreneurial voyage”.
If you are interested in knowing more about our next #femalefounders weekly group, please book a call.
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