It’s over 3 months since Russia invaded Ukraine. The news has slipped from the front pages of many news channels, but the pain has not slipped. I’ve been fortunate enough to have built a personal relationship with an amazing female entrepreneur in Ukraine for the past 5 plus years.
@Ann Petrova is a valued member of the Global Entrepreneurship Network and founder of Startup Ukraine. More than this, she shares with me the belief that women, female entrepreneurs, and business leaders can make a transformational difference to all our economies not yet seen in the businesses that still cling to the ‘pale, male, stale’ profile for leadership in many organisations.
As a woman who has experienced divorce, business failure, re-marriage and sudden unexpected widowhood, I can testify to the strength of a female network that comes together in times of crisis and maybe also of the strength of what it means to be a woman.
So… I wanted to share a  practical way of supporting Ukrainian Women Entrepreneurs through our partnership as GEN UK with Startup Ukraine. We are supporting female entrepreneurs who are:
  • Established businesses who want to expand their market to the UK
  • Thinking about setting up a business in the UK and will relocate to UK
  •  Are already in UK and want to start a business

If you want to financially support this project and a female founder from Ukraine, or find out more about our project, please message me and see our website for more info here:


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