For individuals and
organisations to succeed
there needs to be alignment...


…alignment between individual values, aims, methods of working, behaviours and culture. This is true whether you are a startup entrepreneur, or established multi-national organisation. However, getting to that place is never easy. Please book a  call with me and let’s see how I can help

There is no perception without contrast

The story goes that if you slowly warm up a saucepan of water with a live frog in it, the frog will not be aware of the rising heat, and we can guess what happens to that frog! Likewise, organisations can be oblivious to the threats within or outside their own environs.  You can find that your relationships, processes and systems,  and even your network are out of date  and in need of review and revision.  That is where an external perspective from an experienced, external consultant will add value.

With experience of managing complex multiple stakeholder relationships, and with contacts in over 180 countries, I can offer advice and consultancy support covering a range of areas from partnership relationships and stakeholder management, to  innovation and design thinking and the development of human capital.  Consultancy projects usually start with a time of diagnosis and a report which is fed back to the senior team, and then together we will put forward a plan of action which may include a range of options from coaching, training, focus groups and mentoring.


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