This month we’ll focus on something which is always topical – leadership. Look in any Business Section of a large bookstore and you will find a long line of books on leadership. You can take your pick on who to model your leadership style, from ancient Chinese warriors, military officers, religious leaders to following your star sign. What we can deduce from this is that there is no one answer, no magic formula and no style that is consistently more successful than another. What I have included in this issue is some of the aspects of leadership which I’ve seen work effectively over my 25 years of consulting in this area.

1 – Know Yourself

It’s impossible to lead others if you have no understanding of your own preferences and capabilities. There are many tools, questionnaires and diagnostics which can give you a very accurate picture of you, your personality and your leadership preferences – let me know if you want to try any of these out.

2 – Build Confidence in Others

Help others to feel that you believe in yourself and that you believe in them. Give words of encouragement to team members and continual reinforcement of your belief that you and they can succeed

3 – Network

There is whole edition of a future newsletter that can be devoted to networking! Networking is key, and you need to think about networking internally in your organisation as well as externally. Don’t be pushy, just be yourself and allow people to know, like and trust you – you will then be surprised who can come to aid when you have a problem that can benefit from another perspective.

4 – Be Proactive

It’s a tired expression, but nevertheless a true one: “If it’s to be, it’s down to me”. Take initiative, and also find ways to break down barriers for other people to exercise their initiative

5 – Review – In Order To Improve

The only way we can learn is to stop and review. If the same things keep happening over and over again, if people say ‘he has hasn’t had 10 years experience, he’s had 1 year’s experience 10 times!” then it’s clear that you are not stopping to review what has worked and what hasn’t. Create a daily habit of reflecting on the day and asking yourself ‘what’s gone well? What difficulties occurred? How can things be improved?”

6 – Develop Others
Build your team – even if it just you and one other person. Hold regular 1:1s to discuss how things have gone (as in review above) and practice coaching others. ‘In the moment coaching’, is all about picking up on something as it happens, giving success feedback or pointing out that something needs improving, and helping that person to develop further. Think ahead, build your successors.

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