Have we forgotten already?

Well we are already into February and the most frequent words I hear are “Christmas seems a long time ago!”  So what has happened to all that wisdom we gathered during the lockdown periods?  Remember when we were all talking about the ‘Great Awakening’?  It seemed back in 2020 we were suddenly made aware of the beauty of stillness.  When the traffic stopped, we heard the bird song.  We were encouraged to walk out in nature, we enjoyed the Spring sunshine and even took up new skills.   I appreciate that this was not the story for many people.  Those who didn’t have the privilege of being able to work from home, those who had to cope with home schooling and for those who completely lost their sources of income, lockdown wasn’t a personal growth opportunity.

But there is so much still learn from our time of isolation, whether those are lessons we can apply to ourselves and our personal relationships or as managers, business owners and startups there are many changes that can be made to make the lives of those we work with more satisfying.

So have we fallen back into bad habits already?  I have to hold my hands up and say that I think I have.  Here are my Top Five Healthy Habits which  I am now reminding myself to do on a regular basis:

  • Morning routine – before checking the phone for emails, spend time in meditation and focus on energetic breathing to clear my mind for the day
  • Drink plenty of water – I find it easier to do when working from my desk, but now we are on the move more, I often forget to pack my water bottle
  • Take a break at lunchtime – if possible, reintroduce the daily ‘Covid Walk’
  • Be aware of my thoughts and stop those negative, self doubting thoughts as soon as they occur
  • Reach out to others – now that we find ourselves getting out to networking events, make the most of those opportunities, share experiences and ideas and don’t be afraid to make yourself vulnerable

I guess a final one would be to remember that you can say ‘No’ and know that the world won’t fall apart if you do so.

What’s your Top Five Healthy Habits?


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