katara statue

Hanging onto the world

I love this statue.  It is in Qatar, in Katara which was designed as the ‘cultural village’ of Doha and is the venue for many local arts and crafts festivals as well as being the location of many arts related local organisations.

The sculpture is called  “Force of Nature 2”, and  was created by the Italian sculptor Lorenzo Quinn. The “woman” in the statue is “Mother Nature”.  This 8.2 foot tall sculpture is made of bronze, iron and stainless steel. Similar statues to the Katara one can be seen in Berkley Square and Mayfair, London.

To me it always appeared that she was hanging onto the world, preventing it from spinning out of control and crashing to the ground or flying off into the cosmos.  I am sure that many people feel the same way at the moment.  The world as we knew it seems to be flying away from us, and we are hanging on, trying to get that control back.

For many of us, as well as keeping a grip on our personal world of family and friends, we have the world of our businesses to hang onto.  Not easy.

Some thoughts from me for business owners:

  1. Don’t panic – take some comfort in knowing you are not going through this on your own, this is a global emergency, and no government wants its economy to collapse completely.  Find out what support is available to you and begin the process of applying for any grants and advice.
  2. Ask ‘Why Not?’ –  review your core services and processes and take the opportunity to question why you are doing what you’re doing, and what could be different.  There are some great examples at the moment of companies changing completely their core products, from beer to hand sanitizers,  from car parts to medical ventilators.
  3. Collaborate – now is not the time to worry about who your competitors are, how might you work together to mutual benefit?
  4. Learn new skills – put aside some time to take advantage of all the free webinars and discussion forums which are available at the moment.  Read that book you’ve been waiting to read, watch a Masterclass on YouTube
  5. Communicate – we are fortunate to have access to a wide range of communication tools, keeping talking to your staff, your clients, your network and of course, your family and friends.

Like many people, I think the world will be a different place once we get through this – like Mother Nature in the sculpture, we just need to hang on in there!


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