GEC Bahrain – Day 1

The first day of the congress is always focused on topics which address the concerns and needs of the GEN country organisations and their delegation.  The morning was spent hearing from a number of GEN country leaders and small group discussions, some in the large plenary session, and then the afternoon in focused country groups.

For GEN UK, the afternoon was spent with a number of the UK delegation where, with the help of two facilitators, we used the Business Model Canvas to identify three challenges facing the UK ecosystem and then work together on the areas of the canvas to discuss solutions.

I am sure I will be updating this blog on how we continue to develop solutions, so no more for now.

Finally, in the evening, we returned to the convention centre to celebrate the hard work of all the 170 GEN Country organisations, policy and research projects and new initiatives.  It was great to see small countries like Cape Verde winning awards and to hear about new projects like the new GEN campus in Egypt which is under development.

The spirit of GEN and the GEC is a spirit of creating new possibilities, celebrating success and nurturing and supporting others to achieve their dreams.

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