GEC 19 – Bahrain – Arrival

The annual meeting of over 170 countries all coming together to celebrate, learn and network all things entrepreneurship has been a major highlight of my year for nearly 10 years now.  Over the years I have made many friends who, like me, have continued to work in the ecosystem in a range of areas, from designing and implementing new programmes, research, policy and education.  There are so many exciting new developments happening and over the next few days, I will try and give a daily update and flavour of the event and some of the people I meet.

I arrived on Saturday evening and immediately leaving the immigration desk, was welcomed by a large display celebrating the congress:

On the transportation bus from airport to the hotel, I met the Chief Entrepreneurship Office of The STEMIE Coalition, which is a fascinating programme spreading across schools worldwide up to K12 focusing on innovation and which is now in partnership with The Henry Ford Academy – I can immediately think of a number of people attending #GEC19 who will be interested in hearing more about this!


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