Over 20 years – Over 20 Countries

Visiting over 35 countries didn’t start out as an ambition, but the last 20 years have seen me delivering consultancy, training, speaking assignments, and coaching clients in over 20 countries.Being asked to run a large leadership development project in Qatar was the impetus for me to begin my life as an expat, and 8 years living in Qatar provided an opportunity to visit and work across the region. Whilst in Qatar, I took on the role of Director of Strategy for a MENA Regional Organisation that focused on entrepreneurship and employability skills for youth across the region. One project was to bring together a number of public and private sector organisations to engage in Global Entrepreneurship Week, and that’s when my wider engagement in the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) began.


Global Coaching and Consulting

In the past twelve years I have worked extensively on complex international projects.  Working at the organisational strategic level and coaching individual leaders.  Projects which demanded skills of observation, negotiation and leadership.  Making relationships work across cultures and knowing who to connect with are key skills for success in today’s global marketplace. Recent projects have included launching a major summit for Commonwealth Women Entrepreneurs, developing an online platform for entrepreneurs and advising on the content and speakers for a global entrepreneurship event.  During the summit I met a number of exciting creative entrepreneurs, including Neishaa Gharat who is an amazing designer and who interviewed me recently for her blog on her website – a rather more personal angle!

I am a great advocate of networking and building communities, especially communities of shared values.  I have recently joined such a community of organisational development consultants.  This enables me to draw upon a larger team of experts and a deep breadth of consultancy experience.  I will be sharing more news soon, but for further information, please see: Resolve Gets Results.

In addition to my consultancy work I am also Chair of the UK office of the International Charity Partners Relief and Development, assisting children caught in conflict zones. https://www.partners.ngo/uk

Pushing through your comfort zone

Change can feel scary, daunting, uncomfortable, after all, what if it doesn’t work?  With someone to support you on your journey, maybe we can all make a joyful noise!

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