For individuals and
organisations to succeed
there needs to be alignment...


…alignment between individual values, aims, methods of working, behaviours and culture. This is true whether you are a startup entrepreneur, or established multi-national organisation. However, getting to that place is never easy. Please book a  call with me and let’s see how I can help

There is no perception without contrast

The story goes that if you slowly warm up a saucepan of water with a live frog in it, the frog will not be aware of the rising heat, and we can guess what happens to that frog! Likewise, organisations (at whatever size or stage of development) can be oblivious to the threats within or outside their own environs.  That is where an external perspective from an experienced, external consultant will add value.

An experienced executive with a proven track record in spearheading commercial success for startups, SMEs, and entrepreneurs in new markets. With over 30 years of expertise as a consultant in strategic change and organizational development, my journey has taken me around the globe, leading impactful initiatives and creating lasting partnerships. As an independent consultant who was a Co-Founder & MD of Global Entrepreneurship Network UK and a member of the Global Entrepreneurship Network ifor over 12 years, I have the experience and contacts to support you and to thrive. 
Elaine Gold

Teams, Tribes, Community

Just a couple of days after publishing my last post on community, I was diagnosed with Covid!  Despite being double-jabbed and boosted, I caught the

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