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Grow your business and yourself on the journey from Founder to Leader


If you are in the process of growing your business , you will know that growth is not just about the business plan, it is about your mindset,  your access to connections and to advice that enables you to grow without stress and pressure. 

Beyond The Business Plan


Most female founders find the journey to business success, personal success and wellbeing a bumpy ride. It’s not just navigating the hurdles of securing investment and finance, it is about the changing roles you now have in the business.  It is about leadership and culture, as well as manging the systems and processes that grow as your business grows. 

It can be stressful!
I believe I can help you to grow your business without the stress.  I can help you become the leader of the company that you dreamed of being when you first set the business up.  I believe I can help you create a vibrant, fun, working environment for you and your team. 
You can find out more about my 12 week accelerator programme for female founders here and on other pages, more about my journey, the highs and lows and why I am now focusing on supporting more women entrepreneurs. 
To talk through where you are on your journey, why not book a free 45 min strategy conversation?  Together we will review where you are now, where you want to be and what actions you can take to make progress. 
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